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We as humans have the courage to break patterns, safely process traumas, and embody more of our own light, vibration, and essence.

Medicine woman of the sacred Keen (Bean Chaointe)

Bean Feasa (wise woman in Celtic tradition)

Bean Sidhe (spirit woman/Shaman)

Hi - I'm Martha.


As a person: I am curious, compassionate and open-minded; I am a jokester, obsessed with hummus, and a dog lover. I will honor where you are on your path and how you identify. I am an LGBTQ+ ally and proud to believe that everyone deserves LOVE. 


As Shaman: I am a clear, powerful vessel for the Goddess Mothers (Quanyin, Danu, Brigid, Isis, Sekmet, Mary...), ethical and integral, respectful of boundaries, and here to help honor your highest good without attachment to the outcome. I check ego at the door and work in honor of the Divine - and that includes the divine light inside of YOU.


While I am comfortable with laughing at myself during sessions, I do take this craft seriously. You can expect me to be humble, honest, and be filled with gratitude. I fully respect what Spirit has brought me in this life, but I also won't stop being human. Therefore, no woo-woo language or unrealistic aspirations for my clients... just real talk, real healing, and real fun.


​I am filled with gratitude that you are here with me, reading these words. I invite you to consider my experience as I have walked the difficult and delightful path of healing and I am committed to continuing to expand so that I can best support others.


My medicine integrates Egyptian Mysteries, Celtic Shamanism Core Shamanism. I am guided by various expressions of the Goddess and God and by allies from the Earthly realm (animal, plant, mycelial). When doing a session, my guides help me navigate and interpret what is going on, and through teamwork, we provide healing and information to you so you may be self aware and more balanced. Our purpose is to help uncover your connection to your truth and Spirit by encouraging healing of the light and shadows within you, 


Through this work, it is my hope that you experience courage, clarity, acceptance, joy, intuition, and the divine love that is available to us all. 


Everything I do is in service to the Great Earth Mother.

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher (Pam Owen, Mind-Body Connection)

  • Q'ero Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites (Polly Lazaron, EnergyArts LLC)

  • Shamanic Apprenticeship (Andye Murphy, Rock and Roll Shaman)

  • Energy Weaving (Goddess Isis, Egyptian)

  • Akashic Record Certification (Andye Murphy, Rock and Roll Shaman)

  • Krishna Healing (Lord Krishna, Hindu)

  • High Priestess Apprenticeship (Andye Murphy, Rock and Roll Shaman)

  • Celtic Natural Magic (Danu Forest)

  • Sacred Geometry Healing (Jesus Christ, Christianity)

  • Cacao Ceremony Training (Embue Cacao)

  • Imrav Celtic Goddess Embodiment (Jen Murphy Celtic Embodiment School)

  • Breathwork Practitioner Certification (Breathing Space)

  • Breathwork Leader/Teacher Training  (Breathing Space)

  • Sacred Rebirth: Bean Chaointe (Sarah Richardson, Bean Ghluine, Sac-Red Mystery School)

  • Matriarchy (Sarah Richardson, Bean Ghluine, Sac-Red Mystery School)

Facilitating healing through a nurtured connection with Spirit, so we can honor our intuition and navigate life with ease and joy.


Shamanism and Shamans have existed around the world since the Paleolithic era, in various traditions, groups and places – and though there are distinct styles of shamanic practice that differ based on where and when one is practicing, there are core similarities across the board. A word that comes from the Tungus tribes of Siberia, Shaman refers to a person who perceives the universe differently than others. They may be healers, diviners, or oracles – but they consistently use “journeying” for their work, wherein the shaman voluntarily enters non-ordinary reality through altered states of consciousness (induced by chanting, music, plant medicine, or other methods). This journey is where the shaman ventures through the spiritual realm with the help of spirit guides for their own benefit or for that of the community. The shaman realizes they themselves are only “powerful” through the relationship and support from their spirit helpers – and some of the best learnings and tools are given through this relationship rather than received by an elder shaman (though tutelage by an elder is absolutely part of the initiatory process). 


The shamanic path takes years and there are trials of the body and spirit that challenge the shaman and guide them into various evolutions, including the profound shift out of the traditional egoic human experience (that we are all separate) and into a unity consciousness (we are all one). The shamanic path can be isolating and at times terrifying and other times euphoric.


Eventually, the shaman sees the absolute truth of all things and does not challenge others’ world views – but instead sees a valid, constant and multilayered understanding of the interwoven nature of all life and all experiences. As such, the shaman not only holds the space between the human and spiritual “worlds,” but maintains the cognizance that all “realities” can simultaneously exist… that polarities are eternally held in a constant ebb and flow of balance and imbalance –  but never separate from one another.


The perfect combination of maternal and bad-ass, Martha has a heart for helping people embrace their inner divinity. She is a vessel and facilitator of divine energy - grounded, relatable, and compassionate.

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